Every Tuesday, we will be picking one of our original songs, and telling the story behind the music!!!  This week, it's TORTURED ONE!

     Everyone has suffered a difficult break-up at some point. I started writing about my experience with an on-again, off-again type relationship but it became so much more. It was a few years ago so my experience with love and heartbreak were kind of limited. So, I used some other feelings I had and what I knew from my other friends' pain. 
     What it turned into was a song about how people bury the truth. "Our image burns on film, it's never what it seems" relates to those happy, smiling pictures of couples on Facebook, then a day later, they are breaking up. And, they never seem to agree on how or why it even happened.
     "No-one cares to hear from me" is the constant struggle to be heard and understood. 
     Every time I perform this song, I feel more passionate about it. I guess it's all a part of growing up, a part of life. The truth sets us free, if you can find it! 


Tortured One | By: PJ and Phil Cruz

Something here
That makes me stay
A force stronger than will
And sense that beckons away

Who listens to our fate
While living in dreams
Our image burns on film
It's never what it seems

Half of all the lies we share
Hide the truth that no one cares to hear from me
That set us free
Every time you called my name
all the times we played the game of love and war
You raised the bar


Time etched away our dreams
The end is so near
I keep grief hostage in me
When did our steps break apart
Was it Your fault or mine
Did we pull the cord too soon
Did reason cross the line

So hard to pull that one last thread
Our lies have cut, forever bled
Last one spoke of another's love
Making two from a tortured one!