Every Tuesday, we will be picking one of our original songs, and telling the story behind the music!!!  If you're down and out, PJ and Phil remind you that you can catch a SECOND WIND.


     Our latest blog post talked about how we work so well together. Second Wind was the first fully collaborative songwriting effort between PJ and I. Before this, one of us would write the lyrics while the other worked on the music. I remember we were trying to get another song to add to our demo EP. All the words and the chords and solos were written in about an hour. It was really cool. And we were so excited to write a song together. It doesn't always happen that way because we're too busy or inspiration hits at different times. But, it does happen more often and each time we collaborate, we think the songs just get better. 
     This song was inspired by some of our favorite bands, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden. It's sort of a dark theme. This song expresses how someone may feel while experiencing boredom and depression. Yeah, that's never a good combination. It's like your thoughts can make you crazy. But the title suggests you can get through it and find your Second Wind. Hope you enjoy it!

Second Wind | Written by PJ cruz and Phil Cruz

I feel so tired, letting go

I lie here thinking more than I know

Cloud of thoughts spinning round

Feel myself shutting down 


How did the day turn to night and back to day

When did I close the door on life again


No answer good enough to tell

How I can pull myself from hell 

Searing pain from scars of life

Cuts right through me like a knife


How did the day turn to night and back to day

When did I close the door on life again

The answers ask more things of me

Too much to think,  too little to feel

Oh yeah