Every Tuesday, we will be picking one of our original songs, and telling the story behind the music!!!  This week, we chose a new one!  It's fast and fun!!  Enjoy FEVER!

     Sometimes we just need to have fun and sometimes we just need to revisit the blues. That's how Fever was written. 

     It was time for a new idea, so, a few simple blues chords were written, then some lyrics about a girl. Or, the idea of a girl. It's about meeting someone who blows your mind and makes all your senses come alive. People of all ages and backgrounds and lifestyles can relate, I'm sure. 

     You might feel dizzy and breathless. That's how it's played, so fast and wordy, just like your heartbeat when you first meet that special person. When they look at you and the floor falls from under your feet and you just start tripping over your words, making no sense. 

     All the verses are piled up like that to sort of show that excitement. We leave the chorus until the end so we can jam out as long as we can. 

     Sometimes, we play it so fast, I can hardly get the words out! 

     We just hope it makes you smile and think about your own special memories. Maybe dance a little and rekindle some love, too! Just have fun!

Written by Phil Cruz and PJ Cruz

I need a little something,
Something to help me think straight,
'Cuz I met a Miss like this.

Yeah hold on tight
'Cuz this girl will rock your world,
When she pulls a little something like this.

When our eyes met
I think they shook their hands,
'Cuz the deal was set and contracts were signed.

Gave me her name,
But I think it fell out my pocket,
When I dropped to my knees and bowed.

Hallelujah ain't enough to thank no one,
For this gift sent to me from who?

She took my hand.
Said come with me,
I said where?
Well now future's just up ahead.

My world is spinning
It won't stop,
And I'm on the very top.
Don't think I'll ever come down from this fever.
You say the sky is cold and windy,
But to me it's nice and warm.
Don't think I'll ever come down from this fever!