2016 Year in Review

     Another trip around the sun is complete! What a ride! In the span of one year we have accomplished more than we could have dreamed.
      For our fans who have recently joined us, some of our highlights include:

~ Seminole Hard Rock Tampa June Acoustic Music Showcase (JAMS) where we were chosen to receive an endorsement from Dean Guitars. Look for Taylor and Phil to be playing our new guitars on stage! 

~ We also won a recording package at G-Roc Studios through Stevo's Battle of the Bands at Quaker Steak and Lube in Clearwater. We have about two more songs to finish in the studio (Gary is the MAN!) and will be planning our release party soon.

~ Another proud moment was being selected to perform at J-Rock and Patty's Industry Showcase at the State Theatre in St. Petersburg where we received fantastic feedback and solid connections. And then, we were selected by one of the judges to receive ongoing guidance and support. 

     Along the way, we heard incredible bands, made new friends, updated our website, refined our sound, wrote new songs, played a bunch of new venues, and toured the Miami area. We are already checking our calendars to see when we can head back. 

     So, let's talk about some of these bands we've met. They all deserve a pretty huge shout-out. There were some new faces and old friends, vintage and experimental sounds, and we've definitely noticed that everyone is upping their game. We're so proud of every one of their accomplishments, too. 

     We've also noticed that the best bands work the hardest. They give their time and energy and a full commitment to their craft. No excuses. It inspires us and encourages us to work that much harder. And it shows! We have included a list of bands that have shared the stage with us at the bottom of this email!. It will be our gift to you! Please take the time to check them out and support their dreams, too. 

     It's been a pretty awesome year! But, in honesty, none of this would have been possible without the help from some very special people. This is a great time to give thanks to John Staffieri, Patty Bacciello, Steve Hernandez, Dale Johnston, Matthew LaPlant, Amy Stewart, Gary Simonelli, Imani Ramos, Seminole Hard Rock Tampa, Dean Guitars, and, of course, James Geiger and our parents. And to all our fans and friends that do so much to support us, we are especially grateful. 

     What's in store for us? Well, Phil is finishing up his senior year in high school while Taylor and PJ are working and taking classes. We will also be finishing our EP in the studio, planning a killer video for our songs Offended and Tortoise. An artistic photo shoot is scheduled and we're looking to take a few more road trips. 

     Finally, we're always trying to write some new stuff. 

     Stay tuned to us, guys. We ask that you share us from time to time, hit up some of our shows this year, and take another trip with us "space cowboys" around the sun. It's never dull and we are anxious to see where this year will take us! Peace ✌️


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